Anonymous whispered: Different anon, but when you transcribe the radiokingtv interview, can you also do the end part where NB talks about Palestine and him and Zayn tweeting not just as Musims but as humanitarians? Just that I've seen people try to discredit Zayn by saying management tweeted or that he was drunk/high when he did it. Thanks in advance! 


Hello, I saw this after I posted. Here is a longer transcript about Palestine.

"I’m a bit tired of people saying "There’s the entertainment and everyone should stay quiet about politics’, I mean that’s not what music was made on back in the day, like when we had protest songs, we had music designed for the people and protests and if you can’t even tweet something now that’s on your mind when clearly that’s the whole point of Twitter, it’s to tell your followers, they’re following you so they know what’s on your mind, and if Palestine is on my mind and I don’t feel like it’s getting enough attention then I’m going to say it. It’s not about supporting one side and not supporting the other, it’s about presenting both sides of the argument and just actually saying, ‘This is what’s going on’, not just ‘This is what’s on the news’. So whether it’s myself or Zayn Malik, you know, us tweeting FreePalestine, it’s important not just for, as Muslims, but as humanitarians." 


"Does she get drunk and ruin family parties?"


Columbian artist Lola has a knack for painting over sordid polaroid photographs, leaving everything and nothing to the imagination all at once


Alright, these are kinda adorable…


*:・゚✧ BOYS IN LINGERIE ✧・゚:*

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